Saturday, March 26, 2011

PMD007 Discharge Larry's Hideaway Toronto 9/24/84 {CD-R}

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PMD006 Misfits "Last Show Ever" {DVD-R}

What more can be said?!


PMD005 BURNING BETHLEHEM Vol. 2 {Cassette}

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Before anyone knew who these bands were, one of the comps that got myself personally into Black Metal back in the day. An absolute essential cassette for all the old schoolers.

PMD is proud to re-release  "BURNING BETHLEHEM"   Vol. 2.
Mastered from a first gen tape.

Limited to 13 hand-numbered cassettes.   $5

Friday, March 25, 2011

PMD004 Burning Moon "Eternal Darkness" DEMO 1995 {Cassette}

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With unholy blessings from Kevin "Khaos", PMD Records is proud to present an official limited release of this old school Canadian black metal masterpiece and history. Taken from an original first gen master tape, a strict cassette release of 13 blasphemous copies all hand-numbered with a Burning Moon sticker included.   {$6}

1.Children Of Baphomet03:58
2.Summoning Of Demons04:46
4.The War Of Aeiser05:40
6.A Realm Called Muspell03:59
7.Evil Never Dies03:50
Total playing time31:07

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skull Fucking Metal Comp. 2011 (Un-Official)

Various Artists - SFM (2011) Compilation [001SPCMN] (Un-Official) @320

1 hour 1 minute 25 seconds

1. Coffin Birth (Can) - Cemetary Nights (4:16) 2006 Disturbing The Earth CD
2. The Earwigs (USA) - The Mechzorxist (2:09) 2005 noise beast! CD
3. The Earwigs (USA) - Disruptor (3:36) 2005 noise beast! CD
4. GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) - Androjungleous (3:09) 2006 Androjungleous Demo CD-R
5. GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) - Oestropathologia (1:50) 2006 Androjungleous Demo CD-R
6. Infestor (Phl) - Event Horizon (5:13) 2010 Scorched Earth Demo CD-R]
7. Minority (Trenton, Ontario) - Guilty (2:22) 1998 Sick With the Pain Cassette
8. Minority (Trenton, Ontario) - Break Me (2:09) 1998 Sick With the Pain Cassette
9. Minority (Trenton, Ontario) - It's All the Same (1:49) 1998 Sick With the Pain Cassette
10. Morbid Ceremony - Altar of Abomination (3:45) 2010 The evil that lies in the dark DEMO Cassette
11. Nuclearhammer (Can) - Witchfuck (2:09) 2009 Obliteration Ritual
12. Nuclearhammer (Can) - Dementia (A Black Void) Part II (3:45) 2009 Obliteration Ritual
13. Rabies (Phil)- Under The Mushroom Cloud (3:35) 2009 Radiation Devestation Demo CD-R
14. Trioxin 245 (Can) - Who's Hot (2:01) 2005 The Experiment cassette
15. Trioxin 245 (Can) - Born 20 Years Too Late (1:23) 2005 The Experiment cassette
16. Trioxin 245 (Can) - Religious War/Global Fear (2:06) 2005 The Experiment cassette
17. Trioxin 245 (Can) - We Need Your Voice (1:29) 2005 The Experiment cassette
18. Trioxin 245 (Can) - The Red Phones Ringing (2:16) 2005 The Experiment cassette
19. Warlock Moon (Can) - A Wish in the Dark Mist (3:32) 05-05-2007 Rehearsal Cassette
20. Warlock Moon (Can) - The Duel of Black Forces (4:19) (2007) Warlock Moon (Can) + Paganfire (Philippines) - Split cdr
21. Paganfire (Phil) - Mapangwagak (4:32) (2007) Warlock Moon (Can) + Paganfire (Philippines) - Split cdr

Download here

Tracks off releases you can purchase from SFM distribution -
variety of black metal, death metal, thrash metal, hardcore, electronic/industrial NOIZZZZEEEE!!!!

(More un-official SFM compilations ripped from cd's / cdr's / vinyl's & cassettes in the near future!)

Yeah, maybe there were better songs by Paganfire, but the intro riff rules, so that is why the song "Mapangwagak" was selected.

The sound was normalized for all tracks, because if it wasn't, the Morbid Ceremony track for example,
would have blown up your speakers real good!

Skull Fucking Metal - Canadian Extreme Underground Label & Distro today !

email your questions about ordering from SFM to:

PMD003 Warlock Moon "No Trend, No Scene, No Movement" LIVE At Duffy's 12/27/10 {DVD-R}

Upcoming Release

Lim. 20, silver pen hand-numbered copies on Hi-Gloss sheet / Incl. Sticker / $10

Saturday April 23rd at the 460

SkullFuckingMetal Presents.....





{SLAYER Tribute Band from Naigara Falls}


Be There or Beware...Scumbags!!

PMD002 Warlock Moon LIVE At Duffy's 11/27/10

Out Soon

Lim. 13, hand-numbered copies / Tapes only / Flyer from show incl. / $5

PMD001 Warlock Moon "Punk, Metal... Darkness"

 Still Available {$6}

This is a "Rehearsal Demo"

A very strict cassette only release on
8 "Black Unholy Halloween" cassettes.

6 Come with hand-numbered coffin boxes containing snake shed and spider molt.

This is the very first release on
"Punk, Metal... Darkness Records"

1.Evil Power

2....To Death

3.The First Power

4.Spell Of Lycanthropy